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The Jahdaly tribe

Location: Lith, Hijaz, Western Region

The Jahdaly tribe inhabits an area of wadis draining down to the coastal plain between the holy city of Makkah and al-Lith on the Red Sea coast.

The Tihamah or coastal plain runs almost the entire length of the Red Sea. It is a sweltering region of low-lying sandy plains merging with the foothills of the Hijaz mountains.

Wadis drain the Hijaz mountains and foothills after rain. They rarely reach the sea, but provide fertile areas for lowland farming and grazing.

Jahdaly women’s clothing is made of locally dyed red and brown imported muslin. The garments are decorated with metal beads, sewn in geometric patterns on contrasting bands of appliqué.

Jahdaly women seem to be the only tribal women to wear skirts and blouses. Their skirts are often lined with recycled flour sacks.

Their headdresses are varied and are also decorated with metal beads.

Jahdaly drawstring skirt and blouse both decorated with metal beads. The edge of the rectangular headdress is embroidered with metal beads and has a cotton fringe.

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