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The creation of the Mansoojat Museum of Saudi Arabian Costume online has been made possible by the generous support of our patrons and friends

Platinum Patrons

Zahid Group

Zahid group logo

The Zahid Group's commercial activities span a broad spectrum of industries including Construction, Power Generation, Desalination, Mining, Transport, Financial Services, Travel, Manufacturing, and Housing. The driving force of the Group is dedication to the principles of customer satisfaction. This is achieved by investing in the development of people, processes, and systems. Add to that as well the physical infrastructure required to service a geographic expanse as large as the Kingdom, in which a 3,000-strong workforce is deployed in 40 locations.

Gold Patrons

  • Abdulaziz Al Sulaiman

  • Ahmed N. Abukhadra

  • Khalid A Zainal Alireza

  • Layan Cultural Foundation

Bronze Patrons

Attieh Group

Attieh Group

With roots dating back to 1957, Attieh Steel Ltd. originally started in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, by Attieh Family. Being one of the earliest stockist to be established in the country, ASL is now recognized as the largest player in the steel industry across the Gulf region.

Sara Holding

Sara Holding

Sara Holding is a global investments conglomerate focused on building investment and operating platforms in telecommunications, education, and infrastructure and industry. It has a significant asset and investment base in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf.

  • Khalid Baeshen

  • Saleh Al Turki

  • The Capital Partnership Ltd


  • Hassan Alireza

  • Mohammed Harasani

  • Hasan Shobokshi

  • Abdulaziz Zedan


  • Nuha Fustok

  • Isam Kabbani & Partners - BMC

  • Essam Khashoggi