Mansoojat Foundation

Museum of Saudi Arabian Costume online

The Foundation, and its innovative and comprehensive website, succeed to not only raise the profile of an important academic endeavour, but to also make the aforementioned interesting and noteworthy to a wide, and even lay, audience. The preservation of the rich heritage of the region, and of the greater Arabian Peninsula and of the Iranian Plateau, is of paramount importance to the better understanding of the region's culture and attendant geo politics, and the generously funded and expertly managed private initiatives such as Mansoojat are at the forefront of this task. Ali Bagherzadeh
I would like to congratulate the Mansoojat team for their success. Their continued and relentless efforts to bridge the gap, educate and illuminate have culminated into this magnificent on-line museum. Your fabulous work has kindled my pride in our rich heritage. Dr. Al Sharif Zeid Al Ghalib MD
Executive Director
The Jeddah Institute for Speech and Hearing (JISH)
I am both overwhelmed and in awe of such a vast and beautiful collection of traditional costumes that I was not even aware existed. This collection is both precious and necessary to secure our future. Reem Adeeb, Pashion magazine
You are to be highly commended for this beautiful and useful website. Having had the privilege of living in Saudi Arabia, I am well aware of their unique costume and textile traditions, and am very encouraged to see someone there actively working to preserve this special heritage. Shukran! Susan Stem
Tribal, Chiang Mai, Thailand

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