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  1. The Jahdaly tribe

    Jahdaly costume appliqu├ęd with fine bands of contrasting coloured fabric and embroidered with small metal beads. The headdress ridayah is made of fabric, and the long tassels are a combination of metal beads with a thread fringe. more

  2. The Jahdaly tribe

    Jahdaly drawstring skirt and blouse both decorated with metal beads. The edge of the rectangular headdress is embroidered with metal beads and has a cotton fringe. more

  3. The Jahdaly tribe

    Jahdaly thobe with a back panel featured worn with an agate bead belt. The seams of the sleeves are left open and only attach with a button at the end. The head is covered with a hat like cover the qarqoosh. more

  4. The Hudheyl tribe

    Hudheyl tie-dye ample garment with an embroidered yoke on the front and the back. The various tie-dye patterns have different names depending on the design, and the headdresses are suited accordingly. more

  5. The Hudheyl tribe

    Hudheyl musadah thobe has an overall pattern covering the entire length and width of the garment. The Hudheyl tribal women wear these costumes tucked in at the waist to show the embroidered cuffs of the underpants. more

  6. The Thaqeef tribe

    Thaqeef nimri thobe from the Hada area. The yoke and arm bands are embroidered with gold thread. The small white decorative motif above the hem is tie-dyed. The accompanying belt is made with metal beads and sea shells. more

  7. The Thaqeef tribe

    Thaqeef mubaqar thobe from the Shafa area is sewn together in alternating bands. The yoke and sleeve cuffs are embroidered with white and red cotton thread whereas the hem decoration is appliqué. more

  8. The Bani Sa'ad tribe

    Bani Sa'ad thobe with heavily embroidered side panels and hand made silver metal beads embroidered around the neck and sleeves. more

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