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Glossary of terms (clothing, accessories, names of objects and stitches)

Aba (عباءة)
Aba Bidi
Men's cloak made of sheep's wool
Adhyah (عظية)
Jazan dress worn second day after wedding
Aghabani (اغبانى)
Kind of machine embroidery
Akakeez (عكاكيز)
Fabric covered tubes embroidered with pearls, part of the Madinah bridal headdress
Bayrum (بيرم)
Hudheyl Tribe, women's square shaped headdress
Bukhnuq (بخنق)
Bani Sa'ad tribe, Harb tribe, and Rashaidah tribe, a woman's headdress that has an opening for the head and the length of the rest of the fabric hangs in the back
Burqu’ (برقع)
Face mask
Daqlah (دقلة)
(Hijaz) Men’s overcoat, tailored, straight cut with Chinese collar and six buttons.
Worn: formal occasion white, worn under the jubbah and depending on the fashion of the day ¾ length or long.
(Najd) Like an overcoat criss cross cut with side tie.
Foutah (فوطة)
Ghutrah / sumadah (غتره صماده)
Square cloth headdress worn by men could be referred to as 'kuffiyeh' in the northern regions
Hat’tah (حطه)
Rashaidah Tribe, square shaped women's headdress
Jazan region, Jabal Fifa hat for men and women
Iqal (عقال)
Rope like head-band worn by men and women to hold headdress
Iqal women
(Harb, Sulaym some Taif tribes) Rope like band used to hold headdress
Jubbah (جبه)
(Hail) Overcoat (open and criss-cross cut)
(Hijaz) Straight open overcoat with no buttons can be any colour (beige, grey, brown and for the evening dark colours)
Jubbah Aghawat (اغوات)
Jubbah for eunuchs
Kanteel (كنتيل)
Embroidery with gold or silver thread
Khoray’aan (خريان)
Small coloured glass beads
Koofiah (كوفييه)
Cap for men to wear either alone or under other headdress
Madaarij (مدارج)
Silver tubes part of Madinah bridal headdress
Maqtoo’ (مقطوع)
(Najd) men’s thobe with large triangular sleeves
Marbat (مربط)
Rashaidah Tribe, women's headdress
Massar (مصر)
Sulaym Tribe, women's headdress
Massar Mutallal (مبصر متلل)
Jizan region, a triangular women's headdress embroidered in gold thread
Mataweeh (مطاويح)
Bani Sa'ad Tribe, women's headdress
Men’s Aba
Meyl fabric (ميل)
Jazan Chiffon fabric embroidered with gold thread in a bird / peacock motif. Used to come from Aden but now comes from India and Pakistan
Mijaan (ميجان)
Bani Sa'ad Tribe, women's headdress
Milayah (ملايه)
(Hijaz) outdoor wrap of two fabric widths sewn together to form a large square. Worn over the head to envelope the body for women to go out. Imported from either India or Indonesia and could be silk or cotton. It stopped being in use around the 1950’s
Misfa’ (مسفع)
Rectangular shaped headdress for women
Muarraq (معرق)
Hijaz men's undershirt
Mubaqar (مبقر)
Thaqeef Tribe, women's thobe from Al-Shafa area
Mudawarah (مدوره)
Hijaz, Western Region, women's square gauze headdress
Murowdin Thobe
(Najd) men’s thobe with triangular long sleeves
Musaddah (مسدح)
Hudheyl woman’s thobe with overall tie-dye design
Naoorah (نا عو ره)
Name of flowery design on hand woven traditional Syrian textile
Ref. Mr. Hisham Nokta, Souk el Khayattin, Damascus 2004
Qamees (قميص)
Jizan region tulle tunic for elder women to wear over the dress
Qarqoosh (قرقوش)
Women's headdress, sits like a hat but has a train in the back that reaches the shoulders. It is used by the women of the Harb Tribe and the Taif region Tribes.
Qiladah (قلادة)
Jazan women’s necklace
Qina’a (قناع)
Harb tribe, large rectangular women's headdress
Qubqaab (قبقاب)
Slipper usually a flat surface elevated on two platforms used for the bathroom. Could be wood or silver
Ridayah (رداية)
Woman’s headdress
Shambar (شمبر)
Hijaz region, triangular piece of fabric or crochet part of women's headdress
Shayah (شايه)
Hijaz men’s coat with criss cross tie worn over the thobe and under the Jubbah. The shayah can be white, striped, or printed and worn optionally with a cummerbund
Mens vest to wear over thobe
Underwear for women
Tafashah (طفشة)
Asir region large straw hat for men and women
Tal’li (تلي)
Embroidery with flattened gold or silver thread
Robe for men, women or children
Toor (تور)
Tulle thobe from Najd
Ukwah (عكوة)
Jazan, Jabal Fifa men’s iqal
Usabah (عصابة)
Jazan women’s triangular gold embroidered headdress
Bani Sa'ad tribe a woman's head band
Wizrah (وزرة)
Sarong men and women
Zaboon (زبون)
Name of Hijaz ladies’ dress worn under thobe

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