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The Bani Sa'ad tribe

Location: Taif, Hijaz, Western Region

The Bani Sa'ad occupy a fertile section South-East of Taif, their terraced fields and hill-top villages overlooked by rugged mountains. The Prophet Muhammad's wet-nurse came from this tribe.

Clothing in the Taif region is usually tight-fitting and fully lined for warmth in the cold mountain climate. Lavish embroidery, always in vibrant colours and geometric designs, adorns hems, side panels, cuffs, back, the shin of pantaloons, and headdresses. The bodice is often left bare to allow for cascades of silver jewelry and belts.

On festive occasions, Bani Sa’ad women can wear up to seven layered items on the head. These items are mostly decorated with hand made metal beads.

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Bani Sa'ad thobe with embroidered sides and the equally embroidered underpants. Around the waist is a silver belt. The silver mataweeh headdress is worn for special occasions.

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