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Museum of Saudi Arabian Costume online

I have checked in on the site from time to time and love both the costumes you show and the way they are exhibited. There are so many fascinating cultural cross-references in the costumes to those I am more familiar with in Syria and Yemen. It is such a terrific thing that you are collecting and preserving these artifacts from the Arabian past. Paul Hepworth
I like the clarity and simplicity of the layout. I am also very impressed with the photography. Overall I enjoyed navigating the online museum. Fantastic Job! Malak Alireza
Simmons College, Boston, Massachusetts
I've always been interested in the dress of traditional Arabs, and finally I have the chance to see such beautiful pieces. A truly wonderful site, keep up the good work!! Naadhirah
The dresses you display on your website are magnificent and your presentation is most inviting. I look forward to seeing them one day displayed in a museum setting. I will never cease to be fascinated by geometric and floral patterns of textiles such as those found in your collection. Kamal Boullata
Masha'Allah. This is one of the best things I have come across in a long time. I am from Saudi Arabia and was ignorant that such beautiful costumes are part of my culture and still exist. I guess that is the drawback of being a urban kid. Keep it up! Mansoor Ansari
I have never seen such a useful and accessible website in any countries or in any sectors in my life. Very balanced between academic and fun. Kumi Martin, Boston, USA
Ladies, Wonderful job on this website. As a costume junkie I have visited as many sites as I could find. Prior to this, my favorite site was the Kyoto Costume Institute. However, your slide show is larger (better for old eyes) and comes straight on. I have to admit I am partial to folk costumes. Pat West
The fashion show was a highlight of the trip. I have travelled all over the world and have never seen such unusual, beautiful, creative dresses. It was an education in Bedouin haute couture. Valerie Dayton, Smithsonian Study Tour, San Francisco
November 29th, 1999

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